Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hey Claudia where have you been for over a week? Well my dear follower I regret to inform you that I fell into a dust covered lamp where a pyschedelic jesus led me to a land with flowers and vines and dead trees and told me to find the magic bird cage which held boundless possabilities. When I found the sold gold cage, ornately decorated with images of fawns and small frogs, I gave it to Jesus. He was so happy he took me to a heavily embellished room made from cotton velvet which had no soundscape, and we sat in silence for the remainder of the week eating mushroom curry and drinking cordiel. It was pretty magical...

I don't know really I've just been up to much recently. I just wanted to post this video of Grimes really because it is my favourite song of hers and the live version is actually surreal! I seriously could just listen to that on a loop for a good forty minutes:

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