Thursday, 11 October 2012


I have found yet another reason why to keep on buying Doc Martens... here it is, The Aggy strap, and oh holy Jesus (sorry to use the name in vein) are they just incredible! A lovely take on the vivienne westwood three strap shoes I was after a few months ago, however these are more robust and masculine looking. At first I was drawn to the typical black ones, however the deep burgandy beauts just hit the spot bang on and, well, I want them! Maybe a Christmas present split from all of my aunties and uncles, I know I already have five pairs of Docs, but I mean really, look at them! They are just incredibly beautiful in every shape and form. I don't really suit boots that well due to my short and shapely legs, however with these I feel I would have nothing to worry about... As they are just 'Da bomb'


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