Sunday, 7 October 2012


Just got myself a pack of five new small scrunchies and I realised how much I adore them. My lovely velvet ones are my hair's best friend, they just look so damn cute and give your hair an extra edge,  and although great I did need some small ones for finer hair styles. Unfortunately they don't sell them in velvet but I'm cool with these funky ditty satin beauts.  I've also been noticing that when I look at hair accessories now in shops I tend to look at the little girl's range, they're just so lucky with their gingham print grips and floral hair bands.  I don't want to go back to being six, but I do think I'll take some elements from my youth and mix it up! However for now I am very chuffed with my lovely scrunchies and I'm thinking about which one I should wear to school tomorrow...


  1. they're lovely! and such a cool photo! xx

  2. love hair scrunchies - these are awesome :) x


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