Monday, 25 June 2012

I'm Gone

Her hair was mousey brown and limp
Her eyes were pools of water with dapples of moss in them
Her body was long and curvaceous
Her face was small and petite with everything pointing forward
Her feet were lean and narrow
Her hands were bony with blue vines climbing up them

She wore Blue, Black and grey in the summer
She preferred to wear skirts rather than trousers
She liked the sun, and getting sun burnt
She wore perfume when she was sad
She ate chocolate after it had been melted by the heat
She played rounder's in the winter

Her cat was black with ginger paws and plump with contrasting eyes
Her favourite movie was Serendipity
Her most treasured item was a thin silver chain bracelet
Her house was small with an overgrown garden and a black picket fence
Her favourite music was blues and lounge
Her Sunday drink was Elderflower cordial and vodka mix

She drank tea in the mornings and coffee in the evenings
She ate Sandwiches with pickles and ham in them
She made scones when she was happy
She ate waffles when she was sad
She would drink alcohol whilst watching the sunrise on her roof
She is not real.

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Piece done by Amy Ross