Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I am very inspired by the chungster right now, so much so that I'm planning to get my hair cut like hers, short, messy and parted in the middle. I might aswell seeing as I'm already getting it cut on Friday, what better way than to take inspiration and use it to encourage one's own image? I'm just very attracted to the careless style that Chung churns out annually and I want to be able to give off an air of nonchalance when I parade around. Experimenting with make up and hair is what it takes. So as of Friday I will begin my quest to take the Chung-a-lung's style and adapt it to suit myself. Who knows I may even take her ombred hair and mix it up a little. It's going to be fun as I've been running quite dry recently on the fashion wheel thanks to exams and my lack in inspiration, however I'm now in awe and I can't wait to practice!



  1. hey claudia, this is completely out of the blue but i cant speak to you on facebook anymore! i was wondering when exams are done if i could photograph you sometime? x

  2. she's gorgeous and I looove her hair! have you had yours cut yet? I'd love to see a photo! xx


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