Thursday, 21 June 2012

I like you

I have finished my exams, finally. Two years of my life finito, and tomorrow is my sixth form induction day, so hooray on that one! It hasn't quite suken in yet that I have over two months off, but it's going to have to sooner or later. I can't wait, this summer has been planned to the max, well I suppose there are lazy days to spend with my boy and my chumps. But basically, I am happy. I have finally completed the first important stage in my life which is rad. Time to move on bitches and take the heat from other areas of wondering life! I liked this song. And I think it's agood song to have when your in a new relationship whether it be with you significant other or a new friend. It's important to remember your honeymoon phase with others and embrace it, 'cause those are the golden days that set in your mind throughout the relationship!

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  1. aw claudia, who are you in a relationship with?! i also love love this song!


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