Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bootin' it

Luckily I have lots of things to write about at the moment, I guess weekends give you that option eh? So today I went to the ever famous carboot sale, where most of my room's clutter is from! But I mean come on! the best thing I've ever bought is a beautiful Bureau, that only cost me £18 and is in a great nack!

Anyway, today I thought I'd show you the little bits I got, total cost of: £8.50, not too shabby:


This really sweet cabinet, that cost me £2, from a very cowardly husband-man, fearing of what his wife would say when we escaped with this for only a coupl'a'quid!  However It looks so wonderful ontop of my bureau, and it makes me feel like I could put little potions on it or something with that kind of aura!

These four wonderfully charming perfume bottles which all match each other! the first three were £1.50 each and the black one was 50p, but my mama and I bargined the woman down to £4 for all, there were so many around the booty, but I have no more surface space to put them, but oh how handsome they are on my little cabinet! 

This was definately one of my favourites, the little accordian for only £1.50! Full working condition and everything! And amazingly my dad took a liking to it aswell which is so unusual, because he always moans and groans whenever my mama and I make our weekly trip down to the booty!  It was cute seeing him play with it though!

I'm not a huge bracelet wearer, mainly because I can never find some nice ones, but these car boot sales have proved to be gloious for these types of things, and for only a £1 I couldn't resist, I have no idea what the writing says on the bracelet! And I know it's not silver, but it looks pretty.

In other news, I had my schools annual sponsered walk, and considering that I am now in Y11 of school, this would most probably be my last sponsered walk ever, so I decided to dress up with my friends. And because my friend and I a couple of years ago decided to make these clown costumes, I decided what the hell! I'll wear this! The make up went well, and even though I was dying in my velvet leggings up the hills, it was a funny day, and all the little kids were pretty syked when I loomed out of my drama room from first period!

Plus a couple of weeks ago at the same car boot sale I bought this amazing t-shirt for a £1! It is most certainly one of my favourites in the wardrobe! not only because it's stripey but Mickey is pereing through it on the front  AND  the back! HOW AMAZING! I think the woman who sold it to me obviously got it free, because it has Fanta's old logo on it. OH HOW I LOVE IT!!!! And my size, just meant to be -.-! 

I should do more bootin' it posts, I know I've done one or two already, but I think it's quite nice showing y'all, because usually nobody notices the new things I buy, so hooorray! Talk later ya? 

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