Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Urban Outfitters £38

Homemade £2.23


I'm not really a watch person I can never buy the right ones, and when I do buy watches I never wear them, however I was always attracted to casio watches, the whole 80's look about them an'all!  So I've been umming and arrring about getting a proper metal casio for about a year and on ebay it's super cheap to buy them for about twenty-quid! And this time around since I've been selling lots of clothes I got some paypal money and thought I'll buy one now since I do want one. Then I saw these faces and I ummed and arred aboutt hem too, but I just put them on my watchlist and they were ending in about a day and a half so I thought it was worth it and I had the idea of putting lace through them. And I remembered that Urban Outfitters Were selling these Casio watches so I was just compairing the prices and that's when I saw the watch (top) that was looped through a friendship bracelet. It hit me. Not the watch, the idea.  I had a spare friendship bracelet free from another package ordered from ebay, the seller was kind enough to send them to every customer with their purchases! AND I WAS JUST LIKE FOOOCKIN' YES!!!!! So I placed a bid for these two watch heads, won the bid at 2.23 and shaaazaaam they arrived today!! They're so cute and amazing, and I threaded the friendship bracelet through and it makes it look soo good!! And they're in full working condition, so my summery to this rannt is, USE YOUR CREATIVITY PEOPLE! CHEAP CAN BE THE ANSWER! Think outside the box and do something amazing. I did and I just saved thirty-five-pounds and seventy-seven pence!  All through the fact that I bought something tat required a little ditty bit of effort.  Don't pay these ridiculous prices on the highstreet stores sometimes, use your imagination and be inspired to do something by yourself! I'm not saying DON'T buy from these shops, I mean I do, I'm currently placing an order for some Topshop trousers right now, if they were on ebay I would buy them, cheaper ya'seee, but things like that, when an oppertunity arises like that GET A GOOFNBAY ACCOUNT, PUT A SWIPE ON, AND SAVE SOME MOOONEEEY!!!  It just got me realising is all, I know that the Urban Outfitters one has a buckle and may look a little nicer, but we're in a recession right now! Save some money and get your asses on ebay guuyysss, it'll make you happy (sometimes)!


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