Saturday, 1 October 2011

Yegor Zaitsev

Using intricate shapes to resemble wilting petals and a colour range from pastels to bolds, Russian Fashion designer Yegor Zaitsev has ceased to amaze me with the gargle that has spewed from his designing office. Taking organic shapes from nature he continues backstage with a numerous amount of entertaining outfits, including one that very much resemblesa colourful cockroach.  Using these dynamic shapes inspires the idea of sculptural clothing and how 3D art and fashion once again can live in harmony.  No these designers aren't what is coming up for this next season, but you can never acknowledge too late now! Textiles coursework can lead you to the most intreging humans. I (for one) most certainly do not want to be at the shows when women in snail shells deshevel from backstage.


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Piece done by Amy Ross