Sunday, 25 September 2011


I've just had the best weekend in ages, going to some ravin' festivals really makes you hyped up for the next couple of days! So I went to the Underground Festival In Gloucster and it was just insane, so much jumping, dancing, singing, screaming and getting to know friends of friends, it was such a laugh and I came out with more positives than negatives! The only downer is that not all the bands I love are signed yet, and some dn't have gigs coming out for ages, thus shall be a memory for now, but I am just so happy I got what I could! And I sneakly brought my polaroid, lots of comments from bands and friends! Who knew that having a photo pop out the top of a camera could make so many people amazed!!

I is super happy! And have enough new music to last me a fortnight or so! JUST SO MANY BENEFITS FROM FESTIVALS BABY! And the best part of the whole this was that it was a FREE entery, who doesn't looove free stuff!!

PLUS, I've won lots of lovely things on ebay, yippeee! I'm just so happy right now, and I hope that this positive thinking can get me good thought trains in my English controlled assessment tomorrow! We shall see!


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So yeah, I had a fuckin' raad day maan!


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