Friday, 23 September 2011

Black stripes collection

Hey everybody, I thought you guys could get a little peek into what I've been doing this week!  Because I almost used up all of our internet credit I decided to crack out the old manga monster books and see if I could get some inspiration for anything, and it turns out, I can be inspired very easily! Not only that but I have also been able to draw every night for the past three nights or so, it's been increeddd 'tis all I can tell you!

And I have recently realised that my drawing has improved so much over the years! I'm just so proud, maybe I really could have a career in this kind'a shiiit y'noo?
I hope you like them, leave a comment and if anyone is interested in prehaps having a print of one of them just email me at: and say which one you would like and the adress I should send it to, I would say it would be best to describe the picture however if not just underline the words that are underneath the pictures in the email and I'll know what you mean!

Without further adeu:

Steam Punk

The striped couple

London shiz

What do you think?

Love you guys, talk soon, yeah?
( I hate it when people say that at the end of a convosation, 'Maybe see you later, yeah?' so annoying, yeah? )


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