Saturday, 17 September 2011

101 I want to have done

101 things I want to have done by the time I'm 50:

1. Dye my hair grey
2. Buy and use up over 6 rolls of film in one day
3. paint in France
4. Speak fluent french
5. Go to Finland
6. Go skinny dipping in a lake in the summer
7. buy a bulk item on ebay
8. Climb a moutain
9. Take a photo of a handsome man I don't know
10. Buy plants
11. own an eco friendly room
12. Buy a flat in the country side
13. Walk on a hill
14. Make a three tier cake
14. Buy a huge ring for my index finger
15. Have wallpaper in my bed room
16. Walk around naked in my flat one day
17. Give free hugs in town to people
18. Get my ears pierced again
19. own too much jewellery
20. Write a novel
21. Sell my art work
22. go to an abandoned green house and have a picnic
23. Make jam
24. do ten pressup's in one go
25. grow two more inches taller
26. have muscley legs
27. Get  the right hairstyle for myself
28. Plait my hair
29. Buy five perfect items for my wardrobe 
30. Climb a tree
31. Sketch inside a hollow tree ledge
32. Make a wooden box
33. Paint my walls different colours
34. own some birds
35. buy a tibetan head crown/band
36. Buy an item of BIBA clothing
37. Have stacks of polaroid film
38. Learn to make caviare
39. Go to Russia
40. Knit myself a pair of capri trousers
41. Own a bike
42. Own a car
43. Carve a pumpkin
44. Shoot an interesting abstract video
45. Have an art gallery of my work
46. Get a job
47. Run all the way down a beach at low tide
48.  Have a sunset kiss
49. Make the perfect bread rolls
50. Dye the underneath of my hair white
51. Buy some crimpers
52. Own a record player
53. Have a family of my own
54. Go jogging
55. Move to three different towns
56. Live in Bath
57. Cycle down a hill road
58. Sleep in a hammock
59. Shower in the rain
60. Run in the rain with my boyfriend
61. Go camping in a teardrop
62. have flowers on a balconey
63. Visit Japan
64. Sell my old vintage clothes
65. Make someone new laugh
66. Learn to use a skateboard
67. Learn to play guitar/accordian
68. Learn to play a song on the piano
69. Go to Anne Franks house
70. Watch a fashion show
71. Design a dress
72. Go vintage sourcing and sell the clothes
73. Host a rad carboot sale
74. Giveaway my old jewellry for free
75. Own three antique gold rings (or more)
76. Sleep outside with no tent
77. Wear my bofriends spray for a month
78. Have a water fight in the summer
79. Take a beautiful photo
80. Learn to dance
81. Cut my hair pixie short
82. Shoot cinematography (I can't spell it)
83. Make a full English breakfast
84. Batik on a maxi cotton dress
85. Own a house with a small wood at the back
86. drink milk at 4:30 (or so) in the morning
87. Wear a fake moustache for a day
88. Attempt at waxing
89. Run across the beach in Baywatch mode
90. Go to an anime-com
91. Make a smoothie
92. Chuck clothes out of a window
93. Go to Italy
94. Visit New York
95. Go to a film festival
96. Buy a fir tree for Christmas
97. Set off some fireworks
98. Say one line in a movie
99. Own every single polaroid created
100. Get tattoo's
101. Snart

What do you wanna do by the time you're 50?


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