Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The fascination with film

I decided to have a free evening considering I've been a bit stressed lately, so I decided to watch T.V for a bit and I noticed Sabrina was on, so I put a time schedule on it and watched it. It was so sweet, time just flows by when I watch Audrey on the screen in her poofy dresses, and to-short-to-do-with-anything hair. She is so elegant, and it saddens me to know I'll never meet her! However the film was sweet and made in 1954! So early, I can't remember if Sabrina was he first big role or if it was Roman holiday, either way, they were both made in early 50's thus Black and white! And as you should know, I love black and white!

I hope your evenings have been relaxing, and I'm getting excited because it's nearing to a Year that I've had this blog! It doesn't feel like it, but you guys have really been great, and all the randomers who read any posts they can! It's been a wonderful experience, and it's like having a lovely Diary that I can write into and not only I can read. I am a little un-satisfied with the amount of followers I have, but I suppose as long as I have some, then it gives me an excuse to carry on writing! I appreciate you guys stinkin' through with me, through anrgy posts and happy posts, even when I had a photo crazze! And posted photos all the time. However I suppose that's just what I'm like, I find something interesting and think it's compulsery to share it with everyone! How like me! Anyway, I'm wasting your timme rambling on, well have a good night, and I'll post soon, keep you updated on my amazingly brilliant life!

(Plus in October hopefully I can show you something cool! If I have everything sorted by then though, no promises! As it's not set in stone yet, I have a big thing about chickening out, I know silly!)


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