Monday, 5 September 2011

A-R-T (3)

So I just comepleted 4 weeks of art coursework, and I am buggered out, I just wrote a whole post about this and yet it didn't save, something wrong with the 'new interface'. Anyway, so yeah I just finished my sketch book and two paintings and I feel fuck'nnnn incredible, yaay! I can't really be bothered to write everything again and it wouldn't even saave it ):

However I can't wait to show you a sneaky picture of my sketchbook, and it is huge, and obese and my bog mama! If you guys want to see any of the pages inside please give me a little comment  as I love having a read on whats'you's'guys'gosta say! And for some reason I can't seem to commment on other peoples blogs, so if you guys know how could you please tell me? 'Cause it's annoying me soo much that I can't comment!

And from top to toe, the whole thing measured 28 cm, almost a whole ruler baby!

I love you guys


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Piece done by Amy Ross