Friday, 17 June 2011



Long time no blog (I think), I was rootin' around my photos and found one of someone underwater and I got me thinking how much I adore water, and seeing people's hair going wild from the lack of gravity in the water, so I took a littl detor onto Weheartit, and found some really beautiful and mystical!  I especially find the second to last one really intreguing, I think I like the fact it's so static and there isn't much going on it isn't fussy, but if I had a pool I would take loads of photo's underwater! They're just a-ma-ziiiiiiiing and see how well they go with the space background!

Toodle pip, I would have a cup of milk but we have none......


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  1. that second to last one really fascinated me! and i love the first one!


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