Monday, 20 June 2011


I noticed people are wearing these more now, and they look suuuuuper comfy! I was browsing around on topshop and ASOS and stoof and I realised they were suuuuuper cheap! So I am investing in some of these bad boys, I feel that for my work experience I could walk around all day and just not feel all achey or what'evs and also they'll go with alot of my things! Well not the stripey ones in particular but say black or navy? I can't waait!  I hope they are comfortable, otherwise me getting all hyped up is just ridiculous!

More rain too, bloody Britain I must say!


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  1. I love espadrilles I had a pair when I was much younger and when it rained they went so gross! But they were adorable and so comfy, we bought my dad some for fathers day. He had some similar one like in the picture, in the 90's xx


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