Sunday, 12 June 2011

Some summer tunage

Since the drab weather has turned this weekend into a typical British moment I had the lovely option of doing art for the entire time, which was the plan already but it's nice to think that I have no option but to do my art cause of this awful weather, I want to show you some new funky-junky things I've bough rcently and stoof so expect me on your computer screen very soon!

Since the weaather's a bit of a downer how about so raaddical tunage to pump up the moood!
I may show some things I've already posted on here because I can't remember what've already shown you guyyyyss!

Discovery - Osaka Loop line

A little jam of : The Kinks- All day and all of the night

Regina Spektor - Folding chair

Summer camp - Ghost train

Kisses- Bermuda

And for a nice morning breezer when you're sitting by your window, looking out to the sun and contemplating what you'll do today: Elbow- One day like this...
Do you like? I've been meaning to get summore music and stoof so recommened me some of that shit and tell mye if it's worth th ear or not!

I love you guyyyss

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  1. love the last song! if you like summery music try out sublime, get cape wear cape fly, and the expendables :D


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