Sunday, 5 June 2011


On Fridayy I went to Bath with Mutti and we had a enthrawling time prowling the streets alll day looking in shop windows having pizza and eating ice cream, the weather was absolutely splendid and I had a fantastic day, I didn't go to Bath for no reason, as on the accound it is an extrodinarily beautiful city, and I shall be moving there when I have kiddy-winks believe you me! But I really wanted to visit Becky's boutique called MINT, I had never been before and after hearing and seeing picture on her blog The Flower girl I had to take a venture to Bath and see her marvelous shop and see her!

This is MINT, it is a wonderful shop, I was able to meet Beck's and her mother, and I found a few vintage jems in there! (She even gave me a blogger discount, she's such a darling!)


I got this raaaadicall floral print shirt, and an absolutely beautiful calf length dress, with a V neck drop and buttons all along to the bottom, I was so happy, and will be visiting very veeryy soon for more deisgner vintage gooodies, yum!



  1. Love love love this calf length spotty number - it's the perfect summer dress! x


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