Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Chillin' in the nest

I love bedrroms so much, I love going to peoples bedrooms because a bedroom is their room, and to see the types of inspiration they really look up to wether it maybe be quotes or newspaper or fashion or photography, anything! A bedroom is almost like a art instilation where you can step into the moind of someone else, and I just love it!


This room is beautiful, it's so minimlist!

Drapes are beauitufl and incrediable in a room, I love enclosed spaces, they're so intimate plus netting doesn't make you feel too trapped in fabric and what not,( but hey! I love that! So cozy!) as you can see places. OH AND GIANT WINDOWS! raad.

These colours are so bold really, sbfjhkgajhgagkb!



So yeah I love bedrooms, If I had a big bedroom I would do whatever I could to make it feel small, and If I had a small room, I would try and make it appear smaller. I love intimate space, patterns, colours, windows, drapes, alcoves! I love bedrooms.

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  1. ahajhkjdhkjdh i love all these claudia! especially that book bed, and the last one! :D


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