Sunday, 6 March 2011

Running around like a flamboyant unicorn, in my terms, extremely normal!

Why do all my mornings include


Hi everyone, I wrote this post earlier on in the day and I thought instead f writng and entirely new one I'd just write on this one, I'm in a really good mood because today my mama was coming home from a trip as she went down to go and see her relitives in Horsham and papa was golfing with his buds down at the course, so I went about cleaning down the house for when they both return, and I gave everything a nice scrubbing to the charts on the radio, on the side watching a pair of lovely high waisted jeans on ebay (I won!), I'm going to HAVE to show you when they arrive as I've been looking for some denim ones for ages, and since my legs are not my best feature skinny jeans make my figure look nicer. And I've found a lovely top off of this site someone recommended the other day, and I really love it, it's very unique and I'm worried I might not be able to pull it off, but hey, someone's worn it before someone else has to sooner or later, and seven-pounds! You can't really go wrong, so if I do make my purchase, I'll mash the jeans and top together and show you what they look like *tehe*

Finally four weeks from now I'll be going ot Berlin and I know this is sad, but, someone like me always worries about her wardrobe, so I think I'll select some outfits I think are nice and show you what I might be planning to wear there, if you'd like to see a little selecter of my wardrobe then please deffonately tell me so, jsut so I know you'd like to see it aswell! (and Berlin is a school trip for us history lovers! Woohoo!)

Bit of a long post but I'm excited tehe, I'm addicted to shopping at the moment -.- not good!


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