Monday, 28 March 2011

In the blink of an eye a caterpillar to a butterfly

I apologise so much my baby's D:
I've been so terrible this past week,I really really am so sorry, but seriously with the week I had last week, everything seemed very chaotic, I spent two hours on Friday, perfecting my drama performance for today (which by the way was very nerve wracking however got a really posotive reseult!) But I will try and promise you that every other day will be blogy wog day, and I shall be uploading alot of nicey nice things about rcent treasures I have found in car booty's and you may be even a little lucky to take a peek in my wonderful wardrobe of misfortune and (non)fashion garments, so woohoo!

Until Wed-nes-day (does anyone still say it like that in their heads anymore, or is it just me?) I shall share with you the abosslutely beautiful photos of butterflies, I know they aren't "awwwh" worthy, but seriously they are some of the most beautiful and elegant insects I have ever seen, and was featured on Paramore's most recent album (yay) So here, flight!

This black and white one just here is my most definate favourite photo at the moment, (found all on weheartit, please claim for praise darling, you deserve it!) as it reflects the abnormal movement of a butterfly in such a shot and just looks so spontanious, I would love to have been the one to take this beautiful photo. Also I find butterflies are so wonderful for fashion, as they're a very feminine insect, I think so anyway, tehe, so yes, appreaciate their wing-ed glory, and have a fantastic day.

Yay Germany in just over a week!!



  1. These are gorgeous, I love butterflies. They're so flitty and floaty and lovely. And, I still say Wed-nes-day in my head, so you're not the only one!



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