Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pugs not drugs

If you've ever delved deep down into the foundations of my blog (and no I don't mean the HTML) the you will realise how different it use to be, well I think it's different, VERY, it also use to look so strange! Well I just mean, very, how shall i put it home made? But hopefully now it's looking a bit more personal, I am considering limiting the amount of pictures that are down the columns of my blog and keep it really short, also getting rid of that ridiculous 'popular posts' thing, because it's really annoying me!

After my 'Back in the old days' rant I have very happy news, I don't know whether to tell you now, or when it arrives...Oh fuck it! So, something happened the other week and I recieved a bit of  "family income" (if that's what it's called) and now most of it is locked away safe, but considering I had been contemplating whether to save up ages for one or just give up the dream all together, mummy finally told me I was allowed to with draw a tenth (I'm liking fractions right now!) of my money and buy myself a modern polaroid! I was soo happy my heart stopped for one second! So YAY, when he/she arrives in he/she's bubble wrap packaging I will definately show you all! I also ordered three packs of film, woohoo, so happy!

I finally feel I have control of all my homework and money situations, so relaxed! 


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