Thursday, 31 March 2011

Kids with guns, and adults with pacifier's

 I'm so sorry about yesterday, I went to see a play with my drama buddies and it didn't end until late so I got home and zipped straight to bed, but yay finally I can share my happiness with you all! I love car boot sales especially when I find beauitufl things like this typewriter! I has ribbon, came in its original box and with instructions and all that for only £2, I mean duex pounds!  WOWWIIE, I was sooo extatic when I got it, I've written alot on it and ma mama showed me the ropes on how to work it, I got summore shizzle too, check it!

Little indian man £3, turquoise £12

Brownie camera £5

Brownie starmite 50p                                                                                           Kodak 50p

Kodak instamatic, box brownie and Cresta II
All 50p!

Silver pendant necklace £2                                                                   Silver mother of pearl cross £4

Woohoo, I do love carboot sales! Such good sales and I got 6 cameras aaaah that's 36 all together, my collections in growing ever so slowly! I love you all talk hopefully tomorrow!!!



  1. these are all such nice stuff claudia! luckyyyyy

  2. wowww you have 36 cameras, that is awesome. i need to build on my collection aha


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