Saturday, 2 March 2013

Yeah, It's cool

Ah yeah, sticky toffee pudding... Not that I've had any recently, I was just thinking about it. So, um, anyway I went to London today to go to the natural history museum, and although full of amazingly annoying children and mother's whos prams catered for a whole nursery, it was a really lovely space and I enjoyed my time drawing things. After that chaos mam, my sister and I had lunch at... um... Some burger joint in soho which was fantastic. We also went shopping and walked past a newsagents which sold the BEST magazines ever, like Pop, Lula, Purple FASHION,Gentlewoman, Oh Comely, APARTAMENTO, Frankie and Twin, and I was literally drooling over it all. The coolest part was one of the magazines had my sister's photo ('cause she's le photographer: Le Website)  on the front cover and a whole spread of her work inside, so check it!

Yeah, I ended up buying just my usual magazines:

Then, we went to loads of other places around Soho. I requested to go to American Apparel, 'cause I miss it, and I bought so many scrunchies! (It was buy two and get the third half price...)

So I just got a standard red velvet one, for the velvet collection, I also bought a lovely light blue denim one and then a red and black one which had a 'scarf' pattern on it. There were so many to choose from, I was going to get a gold one, however I thought 'When would I wear that?' and they also had a bright pink sparkly one, and such a sweet green gingham one, and other colours in there 'Disco Pants' fabric, just so many! I'm getting sidetracked, sorry. So they were about £4.50 each. Then I got the coolest thing in existence... It's not quite as good as glittery stuff, but it's the next best thing...

Glow in the dark nail polish! I mean holy shit is this stuff cool or what?
So now, when I'm having a rave, I'll have the coolest tallons anyone ever did see. The only downer was it was £7 a bottle... £7! I mean come on, it's just nail polish. 

Then we went to Beyond Retro, which I didn't even know had a shop, and I got the cutest dungerees. (I now have three pairs in my collection). They are quite roomy, so thick jumpers, here I come!

And look at this absolutely adorable floral print all over them.

Then as I was paying for them at the counter (and the guy surving me had a super sparkly shirt which I was literally going to rip off his body if we had the time) I saw this tube with scrunchies all over it and out of all of the velvet ones, this was the only different one. It has a lovely silky feel (polyester) and this oriental design covering it, and that was £1.50, the way scrunchies should be. So now I can walk around like a girl from the 90s with me dungers, scrunchies and crimpers!
So, yeah that was my London fandango, I hope you had a good day. Now I'ma shower and have a massive sleep. How about some tunage for sleepy:


Come on, why wouldn't I put Grimes on when I just bought the album?

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