Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Avi // Geidi


I thought I would never like it.. I have no idea why, but yesterday I took the risk and bought Grimes' first album Geidi Primes. (Ok, it wasn't much of a risk because I already listened to it on youtube, however it was still, slightly... a risk) Anyway, it's so magical and experimental and I think, even though Grimes herself thought it wasn't very good, I find it so free and a real insight into her just mixing everything about aswell as being quite worldly involved with a lot of her synths and voice tones. Yes, the album is very raw and yes it has some dodgy moments, however I must say I love a lot of the songs on it and you can see this amazing developement Claire has taken with her music, once being a slightly ambient she has now blossomed into an electro-pop gal. 
Also at a short 30 minutes or so it's not too much of a commitment to listen to. So I think you should check out her brilliance below and experience the magic with me.
I think Caladan is such a good way to open up the album, slightly mysterious and gave me goose-bumps when first hearing it, I think Gambang is just halarious with the lighthearted and jaunty intro then the wavering lyrics.

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