Sunday, 31 March 2013

OOTD//If you will...

I'm starting to get back into the motion of blogging and what not, therefore explaining the second post of the day. I thought I'd just show you a couple of outfits which I have planned for the next couple of days. This is a kind of rare moment as I don't always/usually plan my outfits so much that I put them all on hangers and what not, however it does happen sometimes. I think it makes me feel a lot better though when I do sometimes, because then it's right there and I'm sure of at least one thing which is happening on the day. Let's call them the 'OOTD's yuh? yuuuh? 
So this is my outfit wih I'm going to wear to work tomorrow. It's a little autumn-esuqe with all of the green hues. However I think the green is so rad and makes my outfit look like some kind of vintage pair of curtains, it's just wonderful. If you didn't already know, my favourite colour is dark green right now, I just absolutely j'adore it to the comets in the sky and back.

Within this funky piece we have an Olive shirt with collar tips which I bought in the autumn, a vintage scarf from portabello market, a vintage dark green (yum) velvet (super yum) embroidered (YUMMY) jacket which I bought from Ebay and the dark green speckled Topshop dress from this S/S 2013 collection. I just love this combination because it's all flowery and textured and makes me not only feel like a pair of curtains but also an old philosopher's house. I find that a lot of the outfits I put together make me feel like an philosopher's living room, I can't explain it very well, so just believe me. I know these ones are a little over exposed, however the light in my room was just like super-shine.

This glorious outfit is what I'ma wear to the farm park on Tuesday and it is a lot more spring like. Because it's still uber chilly outside I decided I should layer up and mix'n'match etc...
So with this little number (does anyone else say that anymore?) I decided to wear my woollen grey pinafore dress from a charity shop with my new floral blouse from Olive underneath for a 'cutesy school-girl//Zooey Deschanel 'Jess'' look. I'm just going to layer it with my vintage crochet cardigan bought from Ebay. The fact that my cardigan has holes in it is me trying to kid myself into believing that the transition from winter to spring is finally happening... I know right, stupid. 

Ent the print nice?

I, of course, am wearing my Swim Deep badges, 'cause I love them and found the colours all matched and what not.

Then I just finished It off with my homemade velvet 'bow tie' to enhance this 'cutesy school-girl//Zooey Deschanel 'Jess'' look... Yeah. Ok, cool. Bye. 

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