Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sex, Life, Healing, Nature, Magic // The Beginning

Could be labelled as my favourite film. Beginners is just the basics of love, a topic I am most intrigued by. Not only is the film aesthetically beautiful and simple, the soundtrack is almost perfection! Filled with piano and jazz, two of my favourable genres of music, (alongside ambient, dance/electronica and indie). It also has a strong memory alongside it. One of the sun, the smell of fresh air and exams, this film helped me persevere through the last couple of my examinations which I am pretty thankful for.
Although slightly thoughtful and a little melancholy this film really is just wonderful, portraying love in the most painful and satisfying of ways. The transition of the 'honeymoon' phase to the more serious phase, areas which I have never crossed before... Which kind of makes sense as I am only young.
Ewan McGregor being one of my favourite actors was really the weight which pulled me into watching it in the first place, however I also found Mélanie Laurent a wonderful actress as well, and I think it's only right that he fall for a gorgeous French woman. Incredibly simple and heart breaking, Beginners is definately one to stay on my 'special film shelf'.   



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