Friday, 4 January 2013

Oh, Hi

Do you ever get that feeling where you're going to run into someone you're either avoiding or desperate to see whenever you step foot outside? I get that all the time.

I would go for cycle rides and be cautious that someone I knew who I wasn't ready to see would cross the road at that god for saken moment when the lights turn red, or perhaps when I'm in town locking up my bike and theirs happens to be the one next to mine. These things have never happened to me however, because I over exagerate to the point where my fear is driven into the gorund along with my sanity. I even start to walk differently (if I'm walking), I try and look cool by bobbing my body up and down and looking as if the world was my enemy, just so that when we do finally bump into eachother they'll think that I'm amazingly cool and obviously a deep thinker, just because I do a Gordan Ramsey impression with my foredhead. Then I realise there's no point, because let's face it who's is going to be walking around at like eight in the morning?

Another thing I tend to do is avoid places for a while, mainly places where they have some kind of significant meaning to me and those people who give me crows feet at the corners of my eyes. It's a shame because those places use to be ours, now when I go there it feels as if I'm walking onto their territory, like they decided this land was theirs and peed all over it. It's not as if they will be there everyday until the day they die, it's just that fear that they will be that gets to me.

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