Thursday, 3 January 2013

'S Wonderful

Spoiler alert! - I shall be revealing many important aspects of the movie, if you haven't seen it yet and still mean to then maybe you should refrain from reading this post.
Another favourite of mine amongst many of the Audrey Hepburn collection. I must say her qualities shone out in this movie, not just because she's a fantastic actress, but also because of her beautifully fun personality. I must say that from her first appearence I knew I was going to enjoy this movie... Actually it occured in the opening scene, where the reception hall was stunningly bright with a curved wall filled with vividly painted doors, amazing composition! So let me re-phrase that, I knew she was going to be brilliant from her first appearence. I think this is my favourite film which she stars in so far, mainly because of her intelligent and plain character. In others she plays a princess, a hostess or a crime solving widower, however her amateur-philosipher-to-aspiring-model role was by far my all time favourite, because she was normal. It was also the film with my favourite scene of all time - the fantastically obscene experimental dance. This was the moment in the whole movie where her personality was most obvious, not only that as you could see that she really was having a spledid time, and that this role was clearly Audrey.

I think the fact the whole cafe is completely oblivious to her outburst of Expressionism adds to the halarity and love which I have for this scene.
Not only does she play a fun and intelligent character, she also gets to parade around in graceful dresses all week long. Although I absolutely love the turtle-neck and slack-pant combo I must say that the wedding dress is just outstanding!

Plus it's one of the few musicals where I love practically every song, especially these:


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