Saturday, 8 December 2012

We'll Figure it Out // Stay Young

Over the past couple of days I have been feeling this constant nostalgia as I returned back to my tween TV years. A time when everything was more innocent, even the programmes. Who can remember That's so Raven, Fillmore!, Recess and lets not forget Lizzie Mcguire. One of my all time favourite programmes was Lizzie Mcguire, I watched after school, on the weekends and whenever I was sick. If it was on, I was watching. I'm pretty sure now that I'm rewatching both series that I have seen every episode atleast ten times. I can remember them so clearly.

I also love a lot of the clothes they wear! I don't understand how they weren't the cool kids?! Clashing tie-dye with paisly print, wearing scrunchies, hair pins and crimping their locks! It's all just too rad, especially Lizzie's unicorn jumper in the 'photo day' episode. I know it's meant to be the most hated garment on this planet, but I seriously think I would wear it... It has a googly eye, how much more 'awesome' could you get?

I am also a massive fan of 'The Lizzie Mcguire Movie', I know it was just completely far fetched, but the fact is Lizzie's 'the bomb' and you all know it. I remember my friend and I laughing at  - "15, 16... And who are you?" "Paulo Valisari" "... put your money in your front pockets." - Now I have no idea why this particular moment in the whole movie cracked us up, but apparently we found it so halarious that we still quote it now... "ME NO KNOW" (does anyone remember where that's from?)

Anyway I wanted all of you to reminisce with me and go onto youtube to watch a couple of your favourite episodes. Disney was so good back then... What's happened?


Even now that moment gives me butterflies

THAT jumper...

Now this is truely a beautiful site, don't you think Eddie?

Apparently Aaron Carter is real?

Even her mini-me was rockin' those threads!
And who could forget that catchin' theme tune:

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