Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Under The Influence

Saturday was a rad night as me chum Rosie had a birthday bash which had the theme of fancy dress. I wasn't expecting people to go all out, and to be honest I hadn't had my costume planned until the very last minute. However when I burst into the living room that very night my eyes were met with a creepy man, a red indian, a Hobbit, a Drumstick, The Mad Hatter and an Ikea Pencil boy (That one is a little hard to explain...). It was a gloriously fun evening and I must say she throws some really groovy parties!

Being a tiny bit of a game fanatic and trying to come up with something funny, yet ah-mazing, I decided to go as Mario which was tres successful! I made a felt beard and 'M', wore some dungerees, jazzed it up with a bobble hat and painted on some eyebrows and bam, It was'a me Mario! I also found a little 'One-up' keyring in my cupboard, so he was my sidekick for the evening. Anyway I thought I'd show you some hilar snaps from the night:

I think it worked out quite well, and Rosie was a pirate

Leo was a 'physco kid' and Hannah a bunny

Jamie was actually a nerd, however we found my fox mask and had a little play with it, Maddie was an eighties person, pretty darn good.

Isaac was a Creepy Man

Hattie the Hatter

Best picture of the month...

Meghan's Hobbit feet
Then Louis and Hannah swapped costumes for a bit.
I had a real laugh with everyone and I must say that my chums are quite ridiculous. Third dressing up party this year! Oh my Christ!

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