Monday, 24 December 2012

It's Personal

I've been feeling quite sentimental recently, mainly through reading cards, letters and looking through my secondary-school yearbook. It all just strips back my axieties and allows me to think about other important moments in my life aside from school. My friends are top notch, and the cards they make and write me are quality. I seriously can't believe the effort they go into sometimes to make me smile, and it leaves me feeling all warm inside. Almost all of my cards are pinned up on my wall and pinboard, as they are just too nice to store away.
A card I read recently left a huge mark on me,(it was a nice mark), and made me think of the person who wrote it fondly. I did really like spending time with that person, and when reading it I remember that day so clearly. Like I said before, the card seemed to strip away all of the horrible eccentricities I had endured with them and suddenly left this raw emotion inside of me, a very sad, nostalgic emotion, and has made me want to re-live the past a little. This is why I love cards, and I am always greatful to recieve them, mainly because you can see an individual's personality within the depths of the card.
So since it is almost Christmas and a time for giving, I recommend you make your own cards for next year, if you haven't already this year, and make sure the people who recieve them smile when they see your masterpieces. Now THAT is the spirit of Christmas.... Or something like that.

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