Saturday, 1 December 2012

Glitter Freeze

Models Own Disco Heaven

I finally built up the courage to buy another Models Own nail polish, and yes I finally got 'Disco Heaven', which shall be my season statement nail! As it is so sparkely and reminds me of parties, and i like parties. I absolutely love how this nail polish catches the light and really twinkles when it does, there are also cheeky little blue specs in it giving it that extra flare and make your nails even more dazzling with a colder hue. Although my nails feel a little rough cause of the natural texture of the nail polish I know this can easily be fixed with a little bit of clear polish. I have also applied this as an over coat to other coloured nail polishes, such as black and indian ocean, and I must say it suits every single one! It is such an easy polish to use and I just love it! There is the slight problem with having to apply multiple coats to get the full effect, however that's usually the case with all nail polishes. So girls (and boys) if you want a new polish for the season, I recommend Disco Heaven, as everyone loves sparkles, and whoever says they don't is lying.

Also I am starting to get into the groovy tunes of Purity Ring finding them a wonderful love child of Crystal Castles and Grimes, have a tune-in:

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