Saturday, 21 July 2012

So Awkward

Going to London you see alot of trendy lads swanning around, and a recurring theme with them all - Awkward trousers. Sounds strange, but I found it very endearing! Trousers at a length which is so awkward it makes you want to walk up to the individual and slap 'em, but for me I loved being able to see their rolled up hem swinging about their skinny little ankles and refusing to go to a normal length.  So trendy, so lovely and one of the reasons I would go back to London! Oh the awkwardness.

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  1. so true! i've just bought a pair of 'awkward' trousers from urban outfitters and they're so cool!
    i've never worn anything like that before and in the beginning i wasn't really sure whether i should really buy then but now i looove them! xx


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