Sunday, 22 July 2012

Swimming Deep in Moss

I have this growing love for Kate Moss, I don't know why all of a sudden I find her an inspiration I've just finally noticed her beautiful otter like face.  I always knew about her, mainly for her relationship with Pete and the fact she was on 300 covers of vogue, I suppose she was everywhere which meant I had no desire to find more out about her and to really look at her photos. However now after buying Kate Moss: The Making of an Icon I'm finally appreciating her insane beauty and her natural ability to capture your eye with one photo! She's also similar to alot of the girls I draw, wide eyes, purt lips and an angular face... I love her.  Also, this song is groovy:

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  1. thanks a lot for the comment! yeah, same with me, my legs are pretty short (or maybe i should rather say they're not as long as i would like them to be) and that is why i wasn't really sure if i could pull of awkward trousers but then i decided to just go for it. and i even got a few compliments so hey! and the rest can go fuck themselves, haha!

    i really like kate moss too btw, she's really pretty in a very cool way i think, not that normal model-like prettiness if you know what i mean! xx


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