Friday, 27 July 2012

Baggy Trousers

Boys keep doing it, they keep being oh so trendy! Baggy trousers?! Genius, I absolutely adore this rad street wear they are all persuing, I am loving the nineties now aswell, oversized everything. I know that come autumn and winter I'll be wearing baggy jumpers with long skirts and doc martens, I'm going all baggy and frumpy. These boys though, absolutely lush. The middle especially, with his over grown pink hair and parka, I think it's the fact they look scruffy and 'cause they're young it works. It's too bad the boys in my town would never go down the nineties road, and it's too bad I'm not ultra skinny and tall so I could dress like these lads, oh well one can try their best with it all. Also King Krule/Zoo Kid, fuckin' love this kid:

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