Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Oh wow, I am tired. I finally handed in my art coursework yesterday and it was just such a relief, I have not slept so well in quite a few weeks. I absolutely adored my coursework unit and am sad to finally be saying goodbye to it, still getting our exam today was exciting and I am looking forward to exploring all the tingz.

For our coursework we were allowed to chose what topic we wanted to focus on and I chose Japanese art and the history of their culture. Long story short I drew in everything I could think of about Japanese art, the prints, the garments the calligraphy and I just made one big ass (well it was only a metre tall) KIMONO:

Oh yus, I constructed this bad boy out of handmade paper, some of which I made some of which I bought, and just went crazy yo, I put mountains and flowers and water just all over this shiyat. I know I'm not explaining anything very well but I am so arted out right now that I can't even begin to talk about the symbolism and whatnot behind this. So here y'all can just take it in for the aesthetics. 

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Piece done by Amy Ross