Wednesday, 12 February 2014


So today I went on an art trip down to King's Road and Trafalgar Square to visit the Saatchi and National gallery. I find I am much more of a modern art person - however not going to far as conceptual, I need that shit explained! I still appreciate the tremendous dedication and skill it took hundreds of years ago to make such emotional and thought provoking pieces, as they are so glorious and the actual collections in the National Gallery are beautiful, with some of my favourite paintings.

When going to the Saatchi we had a small tour around some of the exhibitions they had revolving around the theme of 'body language' - Ooh I do love the Saatchi. Anyway there was one artist who just absolutely inspired me and just spoke to me in such a personal way that I went a bit crazy in the shop and now have an almost shrine dedicated to her work.

(my shrine)

Makiko Kudo is a contemporary Japanese artist whose oil paintings inhabit nostalgia and delicacy, each one emitting this dream world in which I found myself becoming lost in. With a stimulus of a place, a plant a sound she creates these huge pieces which encompass childhood memories. What I loved when having the talk was that she apparently never got rid of the initial marks she makes on the canvas, instead they very much become a part of the piece, building up vividness as her memories become stronger. I just can't get over that room and her art, both so pure and beautiful.

(mini freak out, but so beautiful and serine)

(aah, look at these amazing marks!)


Oh and my friend and I did blind contour drawing on the bus ride home and they actually turned out hilariously good:

*All paintings belong to Makiko Kudo 

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