Friday, 21 February 2014


Bonjour, oh how it is so beautiful here at the moment. The sun has constantly been out and made me feel so much warmer, especially when I go cycling. A good distraction from when you're doing work indoors, still I shouldn't be complaining that much as I haven't really been doing that much work to the dismay of my teachers. Ho-hum what ya gonna doo?

So in appreciation of the beautiful weather my mumma and I took a trip down to Birmingham on Tuesday to go to the rag market to find exciting things for tres cheap! I went a little crazy and ended up buying fifteen rolls of tassels and trimmings, along with six individual tassels... What can I say? It was for work though! I'll be puttin' these tassels to good use for my Textiles, well for the research part anyway I don't know what I'll do with them after that. Probably weave them together into a massive woven shug-rug thing ooh that would be amazing!

To top this all off I have been listening to Cosmia by Joanna Newsom on a loop for the past twenty four hours, it's just amazing. Despite it being fourteen minutes long you feel more like your going on a journey with Miss Newsom as it just goes through so many different phases and mah! I love it. Enjoy your day everyone, I leave you in Joanna's capable hands.

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