Sunday, 25 August 2013

I went somewhere

Oh 'sup, how are you all. I'm pretty chilled as the sun is shining outside and although it is getting a little nippier outside I can still wear my shorts and shirts out for the last few glorious days of summer. Even though my Jet-lag has been pretty extreme these past couple of days I'm finally settling back into the reality of my English life again. I got my photos developed a few days ago and oh my lordy are they lovely! They make me miss my holiday quite a lot and although I look at them with a warm glowing feeling within ma soul I can't help but have a wave of sadness wash over me, as my time there went so fast. Still I'm excited for the next time I go. The photos I took on my disposables are only a little snippet of what I did on my holiday, so I shall show you some digital ones as well, so you can dabble in the flavorsome culture that was my fortnight.

Really these photos are in no particular order, so I'ma just jump and swim around in all of the events:

So we went to a beach resort whilst we were there and the whole family went for the middle weekend we were staying. It was super hot and the view, especially at dusk, was beautiful. I had a lot of fun swimming with my cousins in the sea, and eatin' buns on da beach (literally). We also went out to eat a lot, I tell you now one of the main reasons I was so excited for our holiday was because of the food I knew I was going to eat. Whilst there my friend and I went to visit the cultural village which was on the resort, and that was one of the best parts of the trip there as I just loved seeing all of the traditional housing.

I know, so heavenly.

Das just my dad bein' groovy...

...And I found the toilet signs quite funny.

We saw some temples which were dotted around the town centre. I absolutely could've just cremated myself with the incense and candles because of the shock at how beautiful I found the buildings. I just love all of the ornate decoration on the walls, the hanging lanterns and tassels, all just so groovy.

Photo of da month...

Dad's hat no.2: wet flannel for when the weather gets a bit too hot.

My cousin 'Psy' looks just so much like the real Psy here, I was really happy when I took this toto.

My friend took a photo of the pool from an upstairs view... I know, it looks so insane

We had bubble tea in a shop in one of the shopping malls, the jelly was pretty interesting. They also made milk teas which I loved, I had a yam one which was not only lilac colour but tasted so delicious.

Han and I chillin' with the pussys

Breakfast was always incredibly good.

I also brought along an underwater camera with me on holiday, just incase there were any swimming opportunities (which were quite a lot actually). It was so fab testing it out and I will definitely be buying one in the near future just in case I happen to have another rad pool experience, as there is something so magical lookin' when you dive deep.

I love this one of my friend and I.

Took it in da sea

We also went to go and see Orang Utans for a little day out. It was so sweet seeing the mothers and their babies eating all the bananas and my cousin and I even followed some up the road since they came down to see what was going on. They looked a little suspicious but were just so adorable.

Look at this cheeky little baby, so beautiful!

So that was my trip, it was one of the absolute highlights of this year's summer holiday. Oh and despite getting a little sick of eating the food, I also had an alright plane journey back. I watched oh so many films and a huge majority of them were foreign (two Korean, one french, then one American) and I now have a new love for Korean films! Anyhow, this has been a loong post and I'm getting phalange cramp (kind of). 

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