Monday, 18 February 2013

Ma Giirrrlls

One of the funniest birthday cards I have recieved. From my home-hoe Hannah! It may look just 'kerazi' but it was full with a lot of inside jokes and tricks we have had ongoing for about two years now. I just love that our friendship has come to 80% of ridiculous conversations and 20% of that deep meaningful shit. It's just lush to have her around and it'll be hard the day I have to say goodbye to her, whenever that may be, and hopefully we'll still stay in contact wherever we are in the world. It's not just her which I love and appreciate, it's all of my other closest friends who make me laugh and say some of the obscurest things at times which just make the corners of my mouth curve. So guys even though you should keep your friends close and your enemys close, make sure the best ones are right by your side at all times.

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Piece done by Amy Ross