Sunday, 13 May 2012


I love it how carboot sales reliquish this desire inside of you for things you never thought you needed. Bottles, cameras, boxes, paintings. They're all in my room and most likely all from carboot sales from some time or another. I just seem to have this fascination with cramming as much debris into my room as possible. And apart from being un-deniably tiny, my room is also hugely filled with wonderous junk which I can't bare to part with. This is the same for my wardrobe. I opened it to put odd ends of clothes in there which were strewned across my bed, and I realised that I struggled to cram the other pieces in because of this dissaray which I was faced with! Being an only child I tend to get more than lets say one with 'housed' siblings. However it's getting to the point where I just have too much stuff, and my room is starting to look like a sorcerers' cave from some fucking Disney film...

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