Monday, 14 May 2012

Cheerful nostalgia

It's lush when music brings out that little sense of nostalgia in you! After purchasing some music for my Ipod collection I came across this band called Miike Snow. And it reminds me of Wychwood festival I went to where I saw Les Cadets, who seem to use the same guitar base as these guys, it also reminds me of this song which I adore called sea serpents by Babeshadow which have been on here previously aswell as the time where I saw Theme park at Underground festival last September. It's wonderful. And I cannot wait to experience it all again when I go to 2000 trees. All of this also reminds me how much I use to love this music. I think I'm going to focus on listening to this cheery tunage more often...

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  1. thankyou for your comment claudia! they were so easy to make!
    i cant wait for 2000 trees aaahhh!


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