Sunday, 20 May 2012

Be my Daughter

Good morning. Even though it feels fast the weeks have been going by slowly. What feels like a month has only been seven days, which is a horrible reality! But the main thing to be focused on is half term which is brewing itself up in the next fortnight! I think then I'll be able to take a small breather and be able to calm down a little. Because after that only three exams await me, which is nice. I spent a nice evening with my friends taking some promo-photos for them, and one of them introduced me to this intoxicating band called Daughter, which I must say is absolutely wonderful. And sounded even better with all the lights turned off in his room and the smell of insence stinging my eyes and nostrils. I think it's her slightly morbid tones and echoey vocals which really capture me.

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  1. i absolutely love daughter, and this is one of my favourite songs ever!


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