Sunday, 17 July 2011

Stairwells + Bookshelves

I absolutely loove stairs, they're so fascinating! Absolutely incredible, I think the reason is because without them I wouldn't be able to get to my room for a start and the other reason is they say alot about someone's habbits and personality! That's why I'd always get a two floor appartment! Think about it, some people have wooden stairs and usually the most popular colour to paint them is white as it shows cleanliness and it's a white innocent colour setting the brain at ease, however you can come across the most radical of people who paint their stairs different bright colours! White lots of designs twirled around the banisters and the actual step which is so unique to come across!

Stairs in my house are usually clean and clutter free 80% of the time, however I know when I'm older I'm going to be a collector of many different items, skulls, portraits and rugs, oh, and books, and I'm going to run out of space sooner of later, and stairs and brilliant for that kind of thing! I mean you have a shelf every 25cm! And they usually have some wiggle room for stacks of books and piles of zines! Plus cluttering up your house makes it look nice and homely (well that's what I believe).
Even if I never get the brilliant twizzling stairs that twirl and curve around (hardley taking up any room may I mention) a ladder would do as nicely as anything! Aslong as I can get from floor to floor in an easy verticle manner, ladders may not be too bad! 
All I'm stating is that stairs are the best features of a home and you can tell so much about someone by looking at their stairwell sometimes!  Family's sometimes have toys and documents piled on theirs, Novelists have books, and I'll have crap on mine, just shit loads of crap piled high almost touching the ceiling!  I'm just excited even thinking about it!



Basically I want stairs with a fuck load'a junk on them!


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