Sunday, 24 July 2011


As I've broken into the summer holidays I find myself studying the earth alot more, for example looking at trees, leaves, water, the sky and sun and moon alot more deeply, I suppose just contemplating life, it's a nice feeling as I guess I've not had much time to do that over this past year, it's weird, but as I was eating my breakfast this morning in the garden the sun was almost at mid point and everything in the garden was lit up and blooming and it looked so alive, the leaves especially looked interesting with streams of sunlight penitrating through and making them go to a beautiful glowing green, it was incredible, and the birds were singing, and as I was adoring the nature I was just reading my Apartamento magaa and the interview was about this very interesting and cynical woman who also loved nature, she would record bird songs and insect calls for her music, I can't remember her name though! I'll try and put it in my next post because the magazine is upstairs and I'm in the garden right now!

Anyway since I've been so intrigued in nature I thought I might aswell look at some photo's others have done of trees and by God some of them make me just blow up with admiration! They're just so... so... lovely! And I think it's just how we have so many types and it's weird how trees need humans to survive as they thrive carbon dioxide and us humans need trees to survive as we thrive oxygen, too bad people don't understand that as they cut down a fuck loada tree's in forests for no reasons other than selfish ones! But I do find it adorable how we make houses up in the trees and swings and simple things like that, it's so original of a human !


         I love this photo of this rather nice lookin' ladd!

Beautiful forest! Almost un-real, I'd love to live here when I was old!


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