Sunday, 3 July 2011

Music to my ears

Ahh man I am a merde blogger, I'm sorry, not much inspiration this week, well there has been but not enough for bogging, I've been chilling, revising, listening to music, on Thursday t'was the teachers strike so sat in the garden with a few friendlings, doing handstands and painting our nails and stoof which I haven't done in ages and it really just mellowed me out! Also been doing art snuggled up next to a nice box of DEATH NOTE which is an anime, very popular in Japan, and I made the commitment to re-watch the ten hour series, it hass been challenging but I'm getting re-use to all the death and killings and bleuggh!

Last night was the best, I must advise you now that in the summer hols or a free time you feeling like being totally relaxed, get a blanket and have a lay down in your garden about midnight when not much is buzzing, well I live in a rather peacful area but whatever I mean just go out in the middle of the night, the air is warm and stoof. Plug yourself into you ipod and litrally put all your heart and soul into listening to the soulful tunage of the pod seriosuly I was in bed last night going from track to track and I litrally felt so peaceful in bed, I made sure to listen to really echoey songs as to leave an imprint in my mind. But on a serious note do it! It's one of the best things ever, makes you feel all secluded and obtained, it's really amazing! Music is just raad seriously!

Tried to find the real vid, but non attainable so just the album artwork, this is a really uplifting song seriously! It's so summery, at first I was a bit un-sure of it, but I must say it's impressed me! perfect for a music evening with your friends!
I bid you adeou, I'm sorry once again, outfit posts alot next week as it's work experience and I shall take lost'a photos of the place, yee!


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