Friday, 15 April 2011

She sells. sea shells on the sea shore

I always loved tounge twisters sooo much!! What's that one that goes like Peter Piper picked a pepper.......
could you tell me if you remember it please,  (tehe).

I'm in such a wonderful mood, well the whollllleeee story is, several months ago a clothing shop known as Olive opened up in the town and believe you me it is a beauuutiful shop, seriously!! I went into town on wednesday and one of the guys who work their (incredible taste in clothing, to be honest if I was a guy I would aspire to dress like him!) They said that they were havin' a little swaray to celebrate opening the first floor of their shop (they have ground and basement floors) and I should swing along, it was of course dress up a little as there was going to be a best dressed prize with the winnings of one-hundred-pounds gift card. I planned my out fit, and I'll do a real outfit post maybe sunday or so. And I went along for an hour and they gathered all the guests up and said that I won! I WON ONE-HUNDRED-POUNDS!  AHHH, I'm so happy, I can't wait to pick out a few selective items, and I'm  going there for ma work experience too so wooohoo!

After the prize giving two of the employee's came up to me and told me it wasn't just for that one night, it was for all the times I had been in their shop and looked nice from day to day, I was just so drop dead happy!!!!!!! YEY!

Here's some snapples from the webby, to give a little looky and ma outfit!

My hair was up kinda like this, I look a diddy bit scary
ere' though.


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