Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Back from Berlin, babay!

Hello my baby's, did you miss me. My gosh the ammount of blog posts I get to enjoy reading tonight! I was skimming through them and realised I have about 7 blogs to read and 5 posts each for those little bloggles, how bizarre could you get maaaaaaaan?  I havne't planned anoything for today will get back on my feet hopefully Friday, I'm not promising, I hope you like my new header, I think it looks quite good, however I'm still getting accustomed to how it looks, and I feel the blog loosing more and more of its identity, I'm just in love with black and white so much right now, so trying out some monochrome babay!

I just realised in a post later on the year I said I'd do an outfit post for Berlin, I'm not really sure if you wanted to see some of my clothes or not? But if you do please tell me and I'll squeeze some of ma bling in herre ey?! I dunno, it might be quite nice to have a little element of that in. Please say though so I'm sure, I'm going to try and get more followers for this baby of mine!

Regaining sense gradually, and boy am I going to sleep so hard tonight that I'm going to put a mutha'fucking log to shame!


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Thank you for your banter! I look forward to reading it!

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