Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ovid's Metamorphoses

Obviously being a drama student at GCSE I must go and review plays, absorbing the actors every move and word they say, as we all know that everything counts when in drama.

On March 30th I went to go and see Ovid's metamorphoses, as we should know some of our very famously acient myths known about Juno and Jupiter, Theseus and minotor. Well you should definately go into some deep theatrical searching for the pants on fire production and twisting of these very myths, basing them around the WW2 times of Britain using witty, slick and enjoyabe actors the play moves before your eyes in almost a blur of excitement!  Not many plays could top this undeniabley enjoyable play, based around such acient stories. Most of these reasons is why I took drama, not only to inflict upon my more theatrical side but also to experience people who colabourate together to make well a metamorphoses, a linking play, one of my favourites and something I woud most deffiantely see again!

Done by Pants on fire

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